An Aggressive Internet Poker Game

In internet poker there are going to be situations where you will be noticing someone that is very aggressive that many are scared to play against him and he is buying almost all the pots that is coming to the scene. It would be prudent to do some rail birding on how this particular player is playing in internet poker and you can just try to explore his strategies. You will have to take the internet poker hand history of this player like it were your own and you have to analyze the logics of his play.

You will come to know the reason behind the secret of any internet poker player’s success if you will analyze their playing style. The secret to the winning of the player can be mathematical approach, resourceful bluffing, tight play, aggressiveness, playing only few hands or anything else. By a reanalysis of the internet poker players playing style you will be able to judge the key to the player.

When you are making a reanalysis of the internet poker player you will have to explore on the difference in the playing approach of the player when he was winning and the kind of approach that he used when he did lose or was likely to loose. You need to learn about how the player handles each hand.

You can personally research you own play in internet poker to analyze how your judgment is acting to help you play in the game. You will have to learn your subconscious liking to select starting hands and you should also research on whether you are playing more than normal number of mediocre hands. In many cases the most of the chip leakage of the internet poker player occurs because they are playing more than normal number of second best hands. In some cases you might fold in the flop or you might play even beyond turn in the wrong situation when your real opponent is still strong and reluctant to fold.

Sometimes you would have been very aggressive and sometimes you would have played timid in internet poker. Just recap on your approaches to decide on whether you will be playing the same way by evaluating the overall wining percentage of your aggressive plays against the winning percentage of your timid plays. After play research is very important to improve your playing approaches in internet poker because internet poker is absolutely zero maszyny do gier and purely math.


Does Playing Poker With Sunglasses Help

One of the most popular stereotypes of a poker player is the sunglasses wearing. Just about everyone is aware that there are poker players that wear sunglasses. Some people think it is just ridiculous, while others will not go without playing with their sunglasses. Whether it seems goofy or kind of cool, it does actually help with a lot of different things. It has nothing to do with the sun, but it does have a lot to do with poker; believe it or not.

The reason that most players will give you when you ask them why they are wearing sunglasses is always the same. They say one of two things; so people cannot read them or because the lights get too bright. The players that are not ashamed of wearing sunglasses inside blame it on the light, while the ones that don’t care state exactly why they are wearing them. Some players do not eve know whey they are wearing them; they just think it is the cool thing to do.

So, what do they actually help with?

They do actually help quite a bit with people not being able to read you. One of the best reads people can get is from your eyes. That is also a read that is hard to stop. Your body language probably cannot be hidden with sunglasses, but that is easier to change. If you have sunglasses on and people cannot see your eyes, then that is one less thing that people can read about you. Just be sure that you are not showing your cards off in the reflection of your sunglasses; that does really happen.

The glasses also will work the opposite. There are a lot of poker players that wear sunglasses to get reads on other people. If they cannot see your eyes then it makes it a lot easier to stare at them without them knowing you are doing that. You would be amazed of what people do when they don’t know you are staring right into their eyes. It is pretty funny actually. All jokes aside; this really does help to read your players and get some great information. Without the glasses they are probably going to be aware that you are staring and avoid doing anything stupid.

Lastly is the way that they make you feel at the table. This one probably sounds really stupid but it is a fact that some people just feel more comfortable hiding behind the glasses. It is a good way to kind of hide and pretend like you are not there. You can be a behind the scenes type player and get away with a lot more in your head. Even though it doesn’t really matter if you have glasses or not, it can make you a lot more confident, especially if you are used to wearing them all the time.

No matter what the reason is that a poker player wears sunglasses; it all comes down to one simple thing. They are used to hide your eyes, and that has become something that can be of a benefit for a lot of people. So the answer to that question would have to be yes, it does help to wear sunglasses at the poker table. Still, there are many people (especially the old timers) that will insist that there is no reason at all to put on sunglasses while you are inside of a building.